Cous Cousie bil haut

cous cous is a staple food for North African Arabs and Middle Eastern alike. You knew that right, but do you know how to cook a meal In a cous cousiya..? (Old fashioned steamer you might say)….(pic1)IMG_1600

You’ll need a big pot preferably stainless steel with another pot that will fit on top that looks something like a siv (colinder). You can make one up like mine…..(pic2)IMG_1574

Or buy one specially made for approx £20 from any good arabic retailer. (Pic1).

Then my recipe consists of-
a pack of cous cous
Tomato purée
Harissa (tunisian red pepper purée)
Cumin spice
Coriander spice
Olive oil
Yellow courgette
Eggs (to be hard boiled)
Fish (ie cod, haddock, mackerel)

Skin the potatoes, carrots & pumpkin and chop. Also chop the yellow courgette. Leave aside
You want to chop the onion and garlic and fry in the olive oil for a few minutes.
Then add some salt, tomato purée and Harissa. And stir
Add water till half the pot is full
Drop in some cumin and coriander spice and stir
Drop all the veg in. Bring to the boil

Empty the cous cous into a bowl and mix water in until soft
Put into the ‘siv’ pot. And place on top of the stew with a lid.
The cous cous will steam. Keep a check as it will slightly dry out so you sprinkle water On To it as you go.
You can also steam the fish with the cous cous but it would take quite a long time (so stick it in the oven on 200c for 25 mins instead).

Meanwhile boil a few eggs for a good five minutes then drain, peel shells, rinse and leave aside.
You may want to add a pinch of salt and cumin to the eggs (a little tip to improve the taste if your not an egg lover).

Put the chickpeas and raisins in a pot or bowl and mix together

After approx 50 minutes…
When the Markah (stew) is thickened, the veg is softened..
Take the cous cous pot off and empty into a big bowl..take the stew off the heat also

So, when the eggs are done, the fish is done and the markah (stew) is done….

Serve the cous cous onto a large tray or plate. (Pic4)IMG_1579
Add the chickpeas & raisins on top
Then the stewed veg
Then the fish and boiled eggs
Pour more Stewed sauce over everything

Et voila. Ready to eat.
This is to be shared as is traditional (unless your really hungry then help yourself to the whole thing). (Pic5)IMG_1582